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Religious Idle

Religious Idle is the tycoon style game in which you can play here on friv Games to play. Did you ever feel like you could just start up a new religion? In this game, you will create a new religion using technology. Your task is to recruit followers, build temples, make billions of tax-free dollars! Do you think people will follow you? You will earn plenty of money, if they do. Now, let's start talking about your religion around you!   This is an awesome, funny idle-click game for all sophisticated gamers! It is the 21'st century after all how better to find followers then to create an online religion? You will start your religion from scratch with the freedom. Define names and attributes of your newly created faith. Once your following grows and more people turn to your religion, and then generous followers will start to donate money to you. You can use this money to invest in sacred relics and holy buildings that will attract more followers you can topple the other major religions. Create a religion to be remembered through the ages! Have fun!   Please rate the game with 5 stars and tell me your feelings of it. Share the game with your buddies to have fun. Discover other related games such as Millionaire 2018 at   Features ◉ Clicker-idle game about a new religion ◉ You have the freedom to choose names and attributes of the religion ◉ Enough information about each upgrade ◉ Unlockable special features using relics ◉ Mailbox system   Controls Use the left mouse button to play.

Neon Battle Tank

Neon Battle Tank is an awesome platform online game in which you need to protect your base from enemy's attacks. Guide your neon tank and shoot down all the warlike enemies. How many levels can you go through in this fierce but attractive battle? Test you

Clowns vs Aliens

Clowns vs Aliens is the quirky arcade game which is playable friv best games for free. Scientists who believe that the aliens have long come to earth, live among earthlings and influence their lives. Your task is to prevent such a scenario of capturing the planet and help you clowns, led by Captain Paisi. Try them now!   In this game at friv school Games to play, the alien descend onto the earth and fall from the sky. You will need to use the black balloon in the inventory to defeat them and act quick as more powerful enemies will take more than one clicks in some cases.  The weapon is located on the left vertical panel. Begin with only black balloons will be available to you. With the first waves of attacks, they will easily deal. After that, we need guns. Battle against the oncoming army of aliens. In addition, you can call for help from your friends when you gain enough points. Save the World!   Explore other superb games such Summon The Hero at Comment and rate them with 5 star, if they make your day. Share our games with your friends to invite them to play with you.   Features ◉ A challenging arcade game to destroy all the aliens before reaching the ground ◉ An opening conversation that can determine the flow of the game ◉ You only have 10 chances ◉ Earn medal based on your performance ◉ Various allies to help your battle   Controls Drag the left mouse to move the balloon.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is an attractive flat racing betting online game in which you will bet on the horse you think is going to win in the coming race. It sounds interesting, right? So, what are you thinking? Play the Horse Racing now at Friv 2018 for free and see


Are you looking for a game that can reduce your stress after hard studying or working hours? Stop searching now because Kind Cloud is here to help you. Playing some gentle games with cute clouds and let the rain wash your fatigue away. What could be bette

Super Dunk Line 2

Super Dunk Line 2 is the challenging basketball combined with drawing game in which you'll surely love here on friv 4 school unblocked. Can you drawing some lines in order to shoot hoops? In this very cool mind puzzle and sports game, you must use your magic pen and create platforms before the balls come down. How many points can you score? Have fun and good luck!   The game really offers a lot of levels. At the beginning of a level a basketball, you must draw individual lines so you can get as far as possible. Use the mouse, click and drawing a line towards the basket or baskets that the balls will travel along to get to the hoops. Therefore at frivvvv online games, do everything to get the basketball ball into the basket and get a high score. Use your initiative and quick-thinking skills to draw a path that basketballs can travel along to successfully make a basket. Attempt to stay constantly in the game. If your ball falls away from the game area, the game will end for you. Go ahead and show everything in you.    You can explore the exciting game such as Free Throw Basketball and can relax in your spare time. You need to get the highest score before the game ends. Explore the levels of this game at today. Much time!   Features ◉ Drawing game to create a line for the basketballs ◉ Multiple basketballs ◉ Bombs that needs to be avoided ◉ Limited drawing pens ◉ Collectible gems to unlock more ball models ◉ Light and dark background   Controls Drag the left mouse to draw a line.


Hanger is the totally awesome arcade game in which you can play here on best friv Games. Like Spiderman through the air avoiding obstacles to travel as far as you can. Take control a ragdoll character and you must swing from rope that you create that attaches to the ceiling and keeps you airborne while navigating the level. Try not to lose any limbs along the way!   Your timing of when you choose to shoot your rope is key. Press too early and you will be too high and press to late, and you will be too low resulting in body parts being lost! Hit the sweet spot to swing your way through each level in friv for school unblocked. Travel as far as you can, because the level progressively gets harder to beat your high score. Have fun and good luck!   The longer and longer you need to jump. We always brings you interesting space to explore the world of fun games. You can play games such as Happy Wheels and learn some interesting tips on The fascinating game world is welcoming you. You can choose the game you like best and start playing. Enjoy!   Features ◉ You can instantly attach a rope ◉ Physics element plays an important role ◉ Collectible coins to unlock more awesome characters, including Mario ◉ Your body parts can be torn if you hit a trap   Game controls The left click to attach a rope.

Project Archer

Are you a person who has good shooting skills? Are you looking for a game to show off your talents? Congratulations! Because Project Archer game online at frivGames 2018 will help you perform your dream. Take your arrow in Project Archer game and shoot do

Panda Simulator

Welcome to the world of pandas in Panda Simulator game online at Friv4school free games! Are you ready to get involved in this adventure yet? Jump into Panda Simulator game and conquer every challenge in the forest. Try your best to become the most powerf

Summon The Hero

Enemy forces were summon and so it's your aim to build the best army. In the cool fantasy tower defense game SUMMON THE HERO, your aim is to build the best army and control various units and turrets. Select the best fighters and evolve your base with upgr

Giants And Dwarves Td

It's the battle between tiny, brave knights and hordes of monstrous, rough invaders. In Giants and Dwarvs TD, an awesome tower defense strategy game you have to help the good guys to defend their territory and wipe out all attackers before those can enter

Brave Shorties 2

The mini-heroes return! Build an army by stacking different classes of heroes on top of each other! Equip special artifacts, activate powerful spells and find the best combinations and formations to repel the enemy invaders and free the land! Sometimes yo

Whack 'em All

Whack-a-mole game where you have 60 seconds to try to score as many points as possible. Quickly whack all of the animals that pop up from the holes but make sure to stay clear of all of the bombs. Unlock the super hammer as you try to top the leaderboards

Cyber Soldier

Cyber Soldier is a sci-fi adventure platform friv game, you need to escape from this dangerous space station using your gun. You are the soldier, you will meet so many monsters and enemies, keep calm and be brave, defeat all of them and win this war!

Rapunzel Princess Wedding

Rapunzel Princess Wedding Dress is an online HTML5 game presented by Friv 4 school, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone).

Combat Tournament Legends

You can smash, clobber, and kick your opponents to their doom. The goal is to kill every enemy in 4-way and 6-way battles. Perform attack combos to unlock special moves! Combat Tournament Legends is one of our selected Fighting Games.

Electric Man 2: HS

Welcome to the Electric Man 2: HS, tournament of Voltagen, in which combat teams of varying numbers compete against each other to determine the most powerful being in the stickman universe. This sequel of the original Electric Man brings you more stickman

Super Plumber Run

Welcome to an exciting and thrilling adventure in Super Plumber Run game at Friv! Do you have the confidence to participate in an exciting race with Super Plumber Run free game? I believe you've received a lot of unexpected experiences in this interesting

Super Castle Sprint

Guide the knight through 3D castle grounds! Super Castle Sprint pits you against a scary skeleton. You must change direction, jump over low barriers, and slide under obstacles in front of you. Spend your coins on power-ups to increase your score!

Tap Touch Run

Tap Touch Run game at Friv 4 is a fun and great speed game that will train you many skills and abilities. If you want to join this fun and wonderful journey, you can play Tap Touch Run game online and conquer all tracks right now! Be careful of the challe


WarLight is a simple but challenging strategy game where you try to conquer the world. Warlight is a turn-based strategy game ispired by Risk and Dice Wars. Deploy armies, attack neighboring countries, play cards and conquer the world. Play WarLight!

Air Hockey 2 Players

Are you ready to participate in a teamwork game? Do you have the confidence to win against your opponent? Jump into Air Hockey 2 Players game at Friv 4 school and challenge your ability. Control your tools and throw a circle on your opponent's target in A

Winter Basketball Shoot Out

Are you a fan of basketball games? Are you looking for a fun basketball game to challenge your abilities? Don’t waste your time! Play Winter Basketball Shoot Out game at friv kids Games and conquer all levels right now! Who will win the Winter Basketball

Dot Invasion

Dot Invasion is an amusing game in which you can play here on frivvvv online games. The game requires quick-reaction ability and good eyesight.  If you love simple arcade game, this game is perfect for you. You just control a big dot and change its color. Be in the zone to choose the right color. Boost speed of touching the screen. The game brings you blitheness. Match dots with same dots.   Dot Invasion online game at frib v online games is an easy game. The task is very simple, you alter the color of a dot in such way that its color matches the color’s coming dots. There is a big dot in the center of the screen. Originally, it is white, but if you click on it, it will turn pink. Click again to turn it into white, like that, you switch the color between pink and white.   If you match successfully one time, you have one point. You play in the unlimited time, therefore, earn scores as many as possible and play as long as you can. In addition, you just have one life, play until you lose that life. If you choose the wrong color, you lose the game and you must replay. Different - colored dots don’t match. After the game is over, you see your existing score and best score.    Comment on the game and give it highly. Share it with playmates. Seek games Tint Pop at     Controls: Use your mouse to play.

Slice Food

Are you into cooking? Do you know basic skills to become a chef? Slice Food is a great and spellbinding game that you can play here on friv girls online. When playing this game, joyfulness and blitheness are things you get. Practice to master your cooking skill! Observe careful and slice accurately!   Slice Food free online takes you to a modern and well-equipped cook-house. The game is divided into 24 levels. In the game at friv best Games, you can choose any level you want. You don’t need to finish level 1 to unlock level 2 like in some other games. You do tasks to complete levels. We calculate the degree of accuracy of cutting lines and give you star-like biscuits, if you cut food Ok.     You will see a kind of food put on a plate. There are a knife and fork, you use the knife to cut food into pieces as required. In the level 1, cut a cake into 2 parts with 1 cutting line. At level 2, you cut a waffle into 4 pieces by 2 cutting lines. Then, you cut a piece of pizza into 3 parts in level 3. You have 2 lines to use, therefore you have to create same parts, otherwise you fail the level and you have to replay to continue slicing.   This is a cooking puzzle game. The good advantage is that players can get achievements. You have a piece of chocolate pizza. When you slice 10 cakes and 100% badge if you have perfect slices in 5 levels. After completing 8 levels, you own a blue candy. If you slice 30 chocolates, you will have a piece of chocolate. And you have a knife, when you slice 100 times. You have a green candy, after finishing 16 levels. After slicing 50 waffles, you have two pieces of waffle. If you win all levels, you own a set of fork and knife.    How interesting it is. Introduce this game to friends. Give it with 5 star and don’t forget to leave reviews on our website. Play cooking games White Chocolate Berry Mousse at   Instructions: Use your mouse to play.

Not Not Online

  Not Not Online is a simple but addictive game that you can play here on friv unblocked free. Here, in a limited time, you control a character standing in the top of a box follow the written instructions to move him towards the correct direction: up/ down, left/ right and so on. Tests your reaction and pushes the limits of your brain to a new level. Are you ready for challenges?   Everything is easy and simple in the beginning and you easily pass the first requirements. As you level up, the difficulty of the game increases rapidly, such as time runs faster and the orders are more complex. Sometimes, you must act 2 different actions at the same time such as up, down. That means you have to swipe your character up then down. At here, you easily get confused. E.g, the written message is 'Not right' that means you can move in all directions except right or ' Not thing' means stand still. The game offers you 3 lives. Well, you will find the game really tricky when playing for a while.    In addition, when you make a mistake, you can use a life to continue at the point where you fail with friv two player games. The game requires the use of both your logic and dexterity for you to succeed. Let’s try it! You can’t stop playing for sure.    If you seek for other interesting games, you can find tons of great options at Here are some fun choices for you Block Hexa Puzzle Online   Controls: Use the mouse to control in-game character.

Football Penalty World Cup

Since you were a kid, you’ve been following the world cup on TV. You love football and you’d like to kick the ball as soon as possible? Open frivvvv online games website. Football Penalty World Cup is the perfect game for you. Imagine yourself a night of big match during the last minutes of the game. Enjoy the soccer emotions that accompany the penalty shootout. Experience the football championships!   Football Penalty World Cup free online at friv4school 2018 is a very simple arcade game in which you’re being put in a position of penalty. ld Cup 16. Score the goals like never before and penalty shoots without foul. You can experience emotions like the famous soccer players from the most popular football teams: Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester, Japan, China or London Clubs. Your mission is to get a goal without your hit being intercepted by the goalie of the opposite team. Simply, just try to stop the indicator on the green area. You must choose in which direction you kick the ball then pray that the goalie cannot catch it before it reaches the goal. This is your chance to prove you are the ultimate soccer champion! Best game of 2018!   Visit Introduce this game to friends to play together. If you think this game is great, rate it with 5 stars. Make remarks on it. Explore  KickUp FRVR   Controls: Use the mouse to play this game

Anna’s Wedding Ring Design

You work as a jeweler and wedding planner in Anna’s Wedding Ring Design. Next month, Anna and Kristoff are going to get married. She and her groom are busy with the ceremony. They are worried about costumes and wedding hall and they make everything themselves. Besides the dress and vest, the wedding ring is a necessary stuff. Anna’s Wedding Ring Design game gladdens you in friv 5 com player. Get started right now.   Anna’s Wedding Ring Design free online is a girl game. At friv unblocked free, you help them create striking rings. At first step is to choose a shape. There are two shapes, a design is inspired by daisy petals and the other design has curves. You will design a gold bar, and then turn it into a ring. You will use a screw and hammer to create the ring. The second step, put gemstones on the ring.  There are 6 stones, including a heart-shaped ruby, a square blue diamond, a flower-shaped blue diamond, a round blue diamond, a rectangle ruby and a round white diamond.   Next, stick smaller gems on the ring. There are also 6 couples of gems. 2 white round diamonds, 2 heart-shaped rubies, 2 yellow round diamonds, 2 blue oval diamonds, 2 heart-shaped green diamonds, and lozenge pink diamonds. Carving some meaningful words on the ring.   Comment, rate and share this game with friends  to play together. Search other games like Elsa Boyfriend Choose at   Controls: Use the mouse to interact.

F1 Racing Challenge

Are you passionate about racing in Formula 1? Do you want to be a professional racer? Open Friv4school games website and players will have an enjoyable experience. Start the F1 Racing Challenge. Make it to the fastest racing list. Win among the players at the level of a friend. You will have the opportunity to earn money in each tournament and upgrade your car. We update this game for players who are passionate about racing games specifically Formula 1 racing.    Each level, you have the opportunity to select and unlock the different cars with the race. Become the winner of this racing game. Each race of the game has a certain number of players. Race the fastest cars on the toughest roads ever seen and win money to buy new cars and unlock levels. Your mission in this game at friv racing games is to drive the car quickly to complete the laps. Buy new wheels and rims or buy new engines and make your car faster.    In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in other exciting racing games such as Road Racer. The players playing the F1 Racing Challenge at our website will have an enjoyable experience.  We select the best games for you to enjoy in your free time. Check all the games you want to play right now and share them with your best friend. Check who is the winner with the highest score. Find other hot racing games for all ages at   Controls:  Use the arrow keys to drive Press space bar to break 

White Tile 2: Don't Tap It

You like pianos? With a perfect blend of simplicity and challenging, captivating gameplay the White Tile 2: Don't Tap It at www.friv.c game is a great time waster. If searching a very easy to pick up and play yet hard to put down, then this is the game for you! The basic principle is to tap the randomly appearing black keys in time with the music. Well, very super easy to play and get the hang of this fast paced game has an impressively clear digital sound and vast array of popular songs and scores!   In this game at friv Games for girls, upon a grid background black and white tiles scroll across the screen as players try to touch all of the black tiles without missing any or hitting any white tiles. Simple right? However with the clock counting down, once you rush to beat your friends or 'Personal best high score', this game quickly becomes highly addictive. Another hugely popular feature of White Tile 2: Don't Tap It is that it can be enjoyed globally on a multiplayer scale. Scores are rewarded with in game coins. The coins can be used to purchase new songs and thus enable players to more experience points and level up quicker.   In addition, the gameplay has the added bonus side-effect of training your fingers tap, swipe and move quicker and quicker. As you progress throughout the game, which can have a strong, positive impact on other areas of work and leisure life!   Whilst incredibly ease to enjoy this game, obtaining a truly impressive high score can be a little challenging at times. So in order to help you achieve that goal, here we have listed a few ideas which should help you on your way!   Introduce this game to your siblings and good friends to have fun together. Don’t forget to make comments on the quality of the game. Explore other superb games such Disney Winter Olympics at   Controls: Use the mouse to play 

Elsa Parent Child Outfit Collection

Elsa Parent Child Outfit Collection is an intriguing girl game. Elsa and little Belle will impersonate a mother and daughter at friv best online games ever. They dress like family members and they will try on collections to find the best costume for family members. You’re full of the joys of spring with Elsa Parent Child Outfit Collection game.   At first, you apply makeup on Baby Belle. Draw the eyebrows, choose a color from black or brown. Apply blusher on her cheeks - Blusher includes violet, pink, and pastel color. You use mascara to draw statuesque eyelashes. Apply eyeshadow on her eyelids, & lipstick on her lips.    The next step in the game at Friv 4 girls is to dress-up. Elsa and baby Belle are going to walk on the one-way. They will wear couple outfits. That means they wear same design however different size. Therefore, you will pick two same dresses. We supply pastel middle-length dresses with roses, square pattern dresses, green dresses, long pastel dresses, white shirts white red long skirts, yellow dresses, or colorful dresses. After that, select high heels for Elsa and mary jane shoes for Belle. Take a hairstyle for two princesses. Beside, give Belle a cute mane and Elsa gorgeous necklace and earrings.   Take a visit to Assess and make remarks this game. Explore girl games such as Baby Elsa And Anna Playtime   Instruction: Use the mouse to interact

Subway Surf

Subway Surf is a fantastic game on frivGames 2018. You play as a boy running in a railway. You have to create flexible movements to avoid trains and run away from a policeman. Besides, collect gold coins to buy new tools. Subway Surf game tickles players pink. Do you like to embark on a journey now?    Here at friv 4 online, you control a boy who is running away from a cop. He runs on the railway. He will move to the right and left, jump up and swipe down. Remember that you dodge trains now and don’t let the vehicles attack you. If you crash into vehicles or objects, you will die and you can replay   You collect coins and use it to purchase bonuses. Collect treasures and press button to ride boards. Boards can make you fly. You can also move on highway streets and jump over hurdles. If you get a bike, you can speed up and run fast. Get magnets to stick to metal objects. Run quickly so that the policeman can’t catch you. Avoid falling down. You can jump on the train.   Recommend and rate the game with 5 stars. Send us opinions. If you have a fondness for the game, try on different games Skate Hooligans at   Controls: Use your mouse to play.

Parking Passion

Parking Passion free online is a cars game. You drive your car on Friv for school 2018, however you don’t race. You have a car and you are looking for an empty place to park the car. The game has many levels and you must finish levels one by one. This game is not an easy. Move the car to put it in the right position: Turn right, turn left or step back to place your vehicle. Parking Passion is very absorbing.    Parking Passion happens in a car park. You follow the arrow to find the parking lot. In the level 1, you will play in 2 minutes. If you park the car successfully, you will complete the level. You cross a crossroad and go in a yellow empty area, and park the car in it. Remember that you are just allowed to park in the yellow area. If you don’t park in that time, the game will end. We count down from 3 to 1, then you win level 1.   In the level 2, you will turn left and find the parking lot. You must control the car carefully and lead it to the empty place. The difficulty level rises up through levels. In the level 3, you go straight and the yellow area is on the right side. At level 5, you cross a crossroad. You can get scores. The sooner you win the level, the more points you have. Be aware of other vehicles and don’t crash into them. If an accident happens, then you lose the game in friv free online Games.   Make remarks this game. Introduce and assess  it to buddies! Play car games  such as Garage Parking at   Instructions: Use the arrow keys to drive the car.

Gunning For Gold

Welcome to one of the most deliciously shooting games, Gunning For Gold. The game brings you to an international shooting league in which you compete against 2 other players to get the precious champion cup. Here at friv school Games to play, you enter the shooting range with 2 other players and your task is to aim and shoot as steady and accurate as possible to get the highest score when comparing to other opponents.    Congratulation! You are the only one who is sent to a great shooting competition. You will represent your country to beat various competitors and achieving excellence. Although your opponents are strong, you’re really good, too. In this game at friv Games free, each competitor has 10 shooting times and you must shoot the bullseye within 10 seconds. After each player finishes 10 shooting times, the player has the highest score is the winner. You haven't performed your shot yet, but the time runs out, you will miss your turn. There's one more thing, you should keep in mind is that the faster you shoot, the better your score will be. Therefore, try to act quickly and accurately. Do not let your opponent overtake your score in any one shot. Who is the winner? Is that you or one of your opponents?   Somtime, before entering the real matches, you can practice to get used to the gameplay first. Let’s start the show and find out the result. Don’t forget to experience more fun games that are available at, like Apple Shooter   Controls: Use the mouse to aim and use left click to shoot.

Maya Zuma

Setting in the ancient Kingdom of the Mayas. Maya Zuma brings you to a beautiful world full of colorful balls. What you need to do in this Friv4school online games is to shoot the ball and create a group of 3 or more of the same colored balls to remove them from the track. Let’s clarify your mission.   Maya Zuma free online at 2018 is an entertaining game with simple and addicting gameplay and beautiful graphics. It suits all ages, especially children and families. The game offers 20 levels. The difficulty rapidly increases as you level up and each level features a unique maze that you have to remove all the balls running on it. You must complete the current level to unlock the next one.   In each level, you may notice that the game has some bonus spots placed randomly on the map. If you shoot the ball through these spots, you will get more 5, 10, or even 15 points. Don't forget to remove all the balls before they reach the exit. Try to avoid the bumpers, otherwise, you lose. Here, you have the right to change the color of the shooting ball by tapping or clicking on the shooter. This gives also you more chances to overcome the challenges much easier and quicker.   If you find nothing to do in your free time or seek for something cheer you up, we always welcomes you with a huge selection of games in the different genres. Here are some great choices for you such as Bubble Shooter HD on   Controls: Tap or click to shoot the ball.

Little Snow Pixie

Autumn has gone and and the leaves are turning beautiful colors. Winter is is coming and It’s time for frost fairy to work hard. You enter a winter forest full of snow. However, where does snow come from? Well, snow is created by frost fairies and they turn the falling leaves into snowflakes. The task of the game at friv kids Games, is to help a little frost fairy make some snow from autumn leaves. By circling the same-colored leaves to turn them into snowflakes; the more leaves you circle, the higher your scores will be and the game is over when you’re out of time.   Here at friv free online, you must circle as many leaves as possible to get the highest score in the limited time at . You must know that the difficulty of the online games increases significantly as the time went by, the leaves will fall with the higher speed. Therefore, you will find it hard to catch the leaves. Besides, the game also offers a special item to help you receive a random bonus which is the crystal orb. You capture these crystal orbs to freeze time and space and turn every leaf into a single type. In this game, you should take advantage of this time to quickly circle all the leaves.   Come and experience the stunning graphics that you’ve hardly seen before. Hope you have a great time! Are you seaching more games to play? Let’s visit and check out Winter Spot The Difference   Controls: Use the mouse to start drawing.

Crazy Courier Ride

Hi guys! An entertaining and challenging game is waiting for you to conquer at Friv4school now. The game is called Crazy Courier Ride. Are you curious? In this fun game, you are a courier who delivers the shipment in time to your destination. But, there are so many obstacles and difficulties along the way. You and a cute kick scooter - your best friend together do the missions. Are you ready for the challenges?   The game offers 15 tricky levels that challenge your riding skill. During this fun riding game, you ride your scooter, pick up and deliver packages for those who order them. You must overcome many ramps and jump over the gap between 2 trunks of roads. However, the road isn’t smooth and easy to go. It’s dangerous and bumpy. Also, your scooter is really old. It easily explodes when knocking into something or being flipped over,so slow but sure. Don’t speed up if unnecessary.    Each level requires you to complete a certain mission. You have 3 lives. You must collect all gems along the way to purchase a new motorbike. Jumping needs energy, so if you stay at the save point  at Friv kids, your energy will increase. If you run out of lives, you will have to start from the beginning. Unlock the next level if you finish the current one.   Attempt it and let’s see how can you conquer every level. The game has beautiful cartoon graphics, interesting gameplay will give you a great gaming experience for sure. Many exciting games are available at Come and play for free anytime. Some great choices for you are Cars: Lightning Speed   Instructions:  Use the left/right arrow keys to move backward/forward Up arrow key to jump.

You have played a bunch of .io multiplayer browser games, however have you made one? A bunch of annoying things such as learning how to code a server or game physics bogging you down? Well have no fear! Now, in the game studio simulator at friv for school unblocked, you can can create an io game empire without all that fuss!   This is a novel new game which allows you take the helm of an up and coming game studio. You can choose to make web games, mobile games. Use your knowledge of coding to begin, to create your first codes and earn money initially. To do so, you are going to need to make some money although which you can earn by typing randomly. Once you start to earn more, you shall be able to create your first game to start your company.   As you go about taking over the game industry and it has started to generate income you can hire talented code writers to join your company juggle lawsuits, make risky choices across the board and help raise your company's reputation. Therefore at friv 4 online, you must continue to build the company until it is the most successful game company around!   We want to know how you feel about this game. Do your best to win! Tell playmates about this game and give it with 5 stars. Seek more games namely at   Controls Use the keyboard and mouse to play.

Coloring Bloxy Boy

Coloring Bloxy Boy Game is an online game that you can play for free on 2018. Fun and educative game for kids and is suitable for all ages. Your task in this game is to design and create a character with beautiful looks, combined with the color of the clothes and the surrounding scenery.   To begin, you pick the color for your hair, face, eye, knob, shirt, top, trousers and shoes. There are more than a hundred colors for you. Next, you may pick the photo frame for the personality. You will also add a furry friend at the lower right corner of this photo framework. Finally not least choose the scenery around, you have to pick a scene which suits your personality. When you have done everything, you will click the 'Next' button again. Enjoy Coloring Bloxy Boy at friv for free!   If you like this game, you can play others games with the same game play such as Bff Europe Shopping Spree at    Controls: Use the mouse to control


Bbtan is a fun game online for all ages, especially children and families at Friv4school games online. Throw the small ball and break the bricks before they touch you, otherwise, the game is over. Are you able to conquer this challenging game of 2018? Enjoy Bbtan with your friend!   This game is easy to play but quite hard to master. Can you eliminate all the bricks before they touch you? The key point in the game at free online Games friv that you should keep in your mind is to adjust the right angle when throwing the ball. In addition, you will receive support from special items which have the ability to break horizontal or vertical, give you more balls and etc. The more balls you have, the easier to destroy the bricks.    Let’s discover more about Bbtan! Enjoy more related games like 1 Line on Have fun!   Controls: Use the your mouse to throw the ball.

Kid's Classroom Decoration

You are a talented designer and you may have dreamed of building your own classroom at your proposal. If you have not had a chance to make that happen, then Kid's Classroom Decoration will help you. It’s an interesting decoration game in which you are hired by a school to decor its classrooms with friv com school and you are in charge of decorating the classroom with various items.   In this game at friv for kids school, you will experience the works of an interior designer and show off your talent by turning a simple room into a beautiful classroom that every student will love. The game offers you various choices of themes such as tables and desks, bookcases and so on. Your job is to browse all options and pick out your favorite choice in each category, cover the room with a suitable paint. Choose a perfect background, various sets of tables and desks, a bookcase, decor the board with flowers and stickers and more. Customize and style the room in your own taste. Try it now!   Kid's Classroom Decoration is a great choice for those who want to become an interior designer in the future. Don’t worry! If you love many styles in each category, however you are allowed to pick out one of them only. Because you can replay as many times as you want. Next, print your arts to hang them on the world or save to your computer.    Don’t forget to take visit to Try out all fun games available here, like Farm Days   Instructions: Use the mouse to play.


KickUp FRVR free game is the famous keepy up arcade style game which is played by thousands of the players around the world at friv online Games for kids. This game is especially suitable for football lovers and boys. How long can you keep this soccer ball up in the air? Your task is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible.   In this game, to keep the ball in the air, you need to hit a circle to push the ball higher. Anytime the ball falls, you need to hit the circle to push it higher. The ball will move in different directions and randomly. In particular, you have only one life in each turn. Therefore at free online Games friv, you must observe carefully and calculate the position of the ball to hit a circle at the right time and avoid losing the highest score.   The difficulty level will be increased dramatically after the number of balls will be increased on the screen. If you manage to survive long enough, you can earn a bunch of coins. You can buy in a special store for new sports equipment and it will not necessarily be a soccer ball. Keep the ball air bound for long enough. Eventually the ball will turn golden which means even more points when you keep it up! This is a lots of fun!   Recommend this sports game to playmates. Give us reviews and feedback. Look for good games such as Free Throw Basketball. Take visit to   Controls Use the mouse to play.


Nyanon free online at friv4school 2018 is an endless game, requiring you to evolve your Nyan by matching the objects you collect to the correct head, body and colors to complete the perfect set and reach your goal. Test your skill and complete as many figures as possible. Don't forget to crank your volume up to hear that iconic theme tune. Enjoy!   Nyanon is another addition of the Nyan Cat series. Nyan cat is evolving! In the game at friv Games girl, you navigate each level and reach the end with the correct combination. The task of the game is to score as many successive wins as possible. You have to create the perfect Nyan Cat model. By collecting the correct objects whilst flying through the air and your rainbow trail. Have a lots of fun!   If you are addicted to our games, please rate them highly and share the game with close friends to have fun together. Find other awesome games namely Lost Kitty Go Home at We are really grateful for receiving your feedback and your comments.    Features ◉ Different Nyan Cat figures to match ◉ 3 parts to change ◉ Side-scrolling view with collect-and-avoid gameplay   Controls Use the up and down arrow to control the movement.

Room Escape Adventure

Room Escape Adventure tells about a little girl attempting to save her life. A little girls is confined in a strange room with a monster. The monster is a scaring predator. You can show her the way out of that fearful place. The task is to run and jump to look for a key opening the door and dodge the evil ugly monster. Room Escape Adventure game is riveting in Friv4school 2018.   The game has many levels you will have to complete. For example, in the level 1, the girl is standing on a bar and moves among bars to search for the key. Jump over two bars to get the key. The monster is wandering and looking for the girl. It for sure,she loses her life if she meets. Collect stars as an extra mission.  Avoid the monster in any way of the friv game. You must push down a ball and two blocks to clear the way leading to the door.   In this game, each level offers a separate challenge. The girl will walk and jump to find a key. The setting changes through stages and you never feel fed up with this game. More difficulties turn up such as cogwheels and moving bars. The Room Escape Adventure game doesn’t apply the limited time. You can help the baby girl to escapes from the horrific room. It requires both intelligence and quick action to finish the levels, so you can wait for the suitable moment to jump and move.    Recommend this game to playmates. Give it 5 stars and make remarks on the game. Seek jumping games like Cattle Tycoon 2 at   How to play: Use the Arrow keys to play.

Turbo Dismounting

Turbo Dismounting is a great choice for those who want to relieve stress and look for the relaxing moment in this busy life. At here, you can use various tools and means to torture stickman until you feel good. No one judges you here. So, feel free to do

Village Story

Village Story is a fun puzzle game in which you have to use your wisdom to solve various puzzles. Each level in the game has different scenes and rules. You must think carefully and find out the best way to make everything clear. Play Village Story online

Tap for Money Restaurant Mogul

Tap for Money Restaurant Mogul free online at friv kids is a new strategy Idle game in which you have to as a talented entrepreneur build your restaurant empire. By acquiring new investment opportunities and expanding across the land. Earn tons of money and become the richest person on the planet.    Do you want to become rich? Start by building your first restaurant. Hiring staff to create your first successful business. Now buy Mogul restaurants. Upgrade them so they bring you more money. Using the money that you earn from profits to build you next venture. Here at friv4school 2018, after you have bought up all the restaurants in the city, you will travel to other cities and buy up restaurants in them.    When you keep expanding your income will grow too and in no time your empire will be booming. Hire plenty of workers and advisors to boost your income and get on your way to creating yourself a household name. Are you satisfied with this game? Comment, rate and share the game with friends to play together. Look for Bob The Builder Drawing Artist at Much time!   Features ◉ 8 cities with different businesses ◉ A lot of money to earn ◉ Workers and advisors to hire ◉ Clean and smooth graphics   Controls Use the left click to play.

Space Roll

Are you passionate about speed games? Do you want to find a game to challenge your racing skills? Jump into Space Roll game online at Games for kids friv and conquer the endless track right now! Do you have enough talent and intelligence to explore Space

1 Line

Do you love drawing and connecting different drawings? Can you draw all the shapes in a straight line? Join 1 Line game online at Friv 2018 game and challenge your intelligence. How many drawings can you connect successfully in 1 Line game? It all depends

Uncle Express Go Go

Crossing the road safely is not easy, especially in the rush hour. The uncle spends his life in the countryside for all the time. This is the first time he has come to the city. He is in trouble now. He can’t cross the road. Can you help he go across the

Are you ready for an epic car battle compete against other players all around the world? is a great IO game in which you have to both drive and shoot, kill all enemies before being killed. Remember that your goal is to be the last man standing.

Elsa Cooking Rainbow Cake

Welcome to Elsa Cooking Rainbow Cake free online at friv Games for girls. This is a great game for those who love baking. Princess Elsa is a famous baker in the kingdom. Everyday, she is busy with tons of orders from her constant customers. She received a special order to make a rainbow cake for a VIP customer, today. In time, can you help her to bake it and server it for customer? Let’s roll up your sleeves and start grill.   At first, you prepare all ingredients. Find all needed ones and place them on the table. Chop up the butter in bar form and pour the wet ingredients to the bow including milk, 3 whole eggs. Dry ingredients including flour, sugar, a little bit of salt and butter. Then use and hand mixer to mix everything. Here at play Games friv, you will divide the mixture into 7 portions, mix each portion with food coloring. Finally, pour the dough into the mold. Put it into the oven and it’s baked perfectly. Elsa needs your help to decorate it, you can put cherry, candy or cookies on top. It’s ready to deliver to your customer.    Everything is done. Yeah, well, it looks great. Hope they love this girls game! Besides this game, you can find many games for girl at Make remarks on it and explore  Baby Elsa Selling Candy Day.   Instructions: Use the mouse to perform all actions.

Nazi Zombie Army

Nazi Zombie Army is a bloody horrible battle in you combat as a real warrior protect innocent people. The rise of zombies is threatening the human’s existence. You take your weapon and kill all of the enemies. Aim straight! Shoot well

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is a captivating game at You set foot on a strange planet. Because you know little about it, you go around and discover places of interest. Make high jumps to overcome obstructions. Nerve yourself! Grand Theft Auto

Rapunzel Leg Model

Welcome to Rapunzel Leg Model at The princess gets hurt now. Her legs are in pain. You need to cure her and bring her back to model career. Apply medical skills and give her treatment. You work as a nurse in Rapunzel Leg Model game of

Princess Dressing Style Challenge

Princess Dressing Style Challenge is a compelling game at Do you have regard for designing striking outfits? Are you mad for vogue? Make choices to put on statuesque clothes. Be glittery on the ball. Princess Dressing Style Challenge

Offroad Truck Driver

You are an all-round driver in Offroad Truck Driver of You are going to control a huge truck going through uneven tracks. You move in the terrible weather. You can be in the deep water. Keep heading to the last destination.  Offroad T