Clowns vs Aliens GamePlay:

Clowns vs Aliens is the quirky arcade game which is playable friv best games for free. Scientists who believe that the aliens have long come to earth, live among earthlings and influence their lives. Your task is to prevent such a scenario of capturing the planet and help you clowns, led by Captain Paisi. Try them now!


In this game at friv school Games to play, the alien descend onto the earth and fall from the sky. You will need to use the black balloon in the inventory to defeat them and act quick as more powerful enemies will take more than one clicks in some cases.  The weapon is located on the left vertical panel. Begin with only black balloons will be available to you. With the first waves of attacks, they will easily deal. After that, we need guns. Battle against the oncoming army of aliens. In addition, you can call for help from your friends when you gain enough points. Save the World!


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◉ A challenging arcade game to destroy all the aliens before reaching the ground

◉ An opening conversation that can determine the flow of the game

◉ You only have 10 chances

◉ Earn medal based on your performance

◉ Various allies to help your battle



Drag the left mouse to move the balloon.

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