Prosecution GamePlay:

Prosecution is an interesting and thrilling game when you have to overcome all the challenges and do not know when you have to stop the game. Not like a lot of the current games of friv, in the Prosecution, you will feel fresh when controlling a modern plane and fly around a planet. The task will not be so simply because there are so many mines and missiles flying around the planet as well.

If accidentally crashed into them, you will also be shattered. Stay away from them if you have chances. You will win the game. Keep in mind that mines and missiles don’t fly unintentionally. They always try to approach to destroy you. Understand that, you can absolutely trap them to destroy each other. If you do so, you will get very high scores. Try it now. Why not?

How to play:

Use “Q” or “Leftwards arrow” to turn left, “D” or “Rightwards arrow” to turn right.