Superhex.io GamePlay:

Inspired by Splix, Superhex.io is a cool multiplayer online IO game that is played by thousands of the players at Games friv online. This game doesn’t  require you to use many skills in each level. So, with Superhexio, all you need is to grow your territory by conquering the hexagons and closing them with your colored trail on the map.


Especially, don’t allow other players to touch your tail because the game will end immediately. Interestingly, adding an attractive choice for you to explore more with Splix.io at free Games friv. Have a great time!


How to play?

Use the mouse to play this game or tap directly on the touch devices. 


Dominate the world full of hexagons. Leave your trace all over this world. Jump into Superhex.io at Friv 4 now and make it happened! IO game brings many people all around the world in one place, so does Superhex.io - an interesting io game that you shouldn’t miss it.


Unlike other io games, you don’t have to eat or eliminate anyone in this friv 2017 free game. Your mission is to dominate the map full of hexagons with your own color. You conquer areas by drawing shapes with the colored line and connecting with your existing territory, then gradually expand your kingdom. Besides, you can capture the territory of other players. Each hexagon is worth 1 point.


One thing you should remember is that do not let other players touch your colored line, otherwise, you will lose. Let’s see your ranking on the Leaderboard! At Friv 4 school 2017, you can find other related games such as http://friv4school2017.net/ . Have fun! Instructions: Navigate your character by using your mouse.

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