Bee Factory GamePlay:

The Bee Factory at Friv 4 is a tomfoolery and intelligent game where you get to gather honey from honey bees. You can play various games with these flying bugs, or combine them for your honey bee populace to develop all the more quickly! While producing new ones it becomes rapid - bringing in cash turns out to be a lot more straightforward too on the grounds that they'll be capable twofold what their value when gathered as gone against just having this happen once upon landing in headquarters.

Mess around like "Honey gatherer" where you want to assist these winged bugs with gathering honey from blossoms while staying away from obstructions in their way! You can likewise combine same-shaded honey bees for additional strong variants that will speed up or Collect eggs whenever they show up on screen as an open door reward - yet be careful since, in such a case that one of them tumbles off then it's down finished.

The Bee Factory is a tomfoolery game where you get to interface with various kinds of honey bees and gather their honey. By consolidating same-hued Bees, they will deliver all the more impressive variants that can be utilized for battle or investigating somewhere else on the planet! You additionally have an open door at eggs which might contain one astonishment honey bee for each egg gathered - so ensure not pass up this thrilling experience!

Eye-catching graphics, vivid sound. You will love it. If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to Craft Island


Swipe left & right

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