Beer Pong Girl GamePlay:

Would you like some beer? Well, I bet you will not like beer anymore if you play Beer Pong Girl. You hear it right. You may have to drink a lot in this beer drinking contest. Of course, it’s not very wonderful if you are drunk, right? People will make fun of you for sure. You should try your best to be the winner of this game so that you will be very cool. How to do that? It’s very easy. You just need to throw the ball into the glasses correctly.


For each perfect throwing, your component will have to drink a glass of beer. Keep doing that until he/she finishes all his/her beer, then you will be the winner of that round. Now are you ready to be in the next round? There are 8 enemies that you will compete with in Beer Pong Girl. Good luck!


Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Raise your glass and have a great time together with your friends in Beer Pong Girl at best friv Games. Who will be the first drunk? Haha! Beat your opponent!


Beer Pong Girl at friv Games for free is a fun game that brings the entertainment for everyone in life. In this game, you can drink beer without worrying about any rules or regulations. However, this is not just an entertaining game but it is also a game of wisdom and skill. Before starting this game, you can select opponents on the screen. With each competitor, they have different strengths and weaknesses.


Therefore, you should spend a little time observing and finding out their weaknesses in the match. What is your mission at friv Games for boys? Simply, you only need to throw a small ball into the glasses of your opponent and force him to drink that beer. Especially, you should remember that the more balls you throw on the glasses, the faster your opponent gets drunk.


Note that, when you drink a lot of beer, you will not be able to throw correctly, so you should watch carefully before throwing the ball into the opponent's cup. Don’t miss the chance to play more with http://friv4school2017.net/ at friv online Games.


How to play? Use the mouse to play on PC and tap the screen to play on mobile.

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