Bike Tyke GamePlay:

Imagine you are delivering the newspapers every morning, what will you have to do? Ride a bike and throw newspapers into the postboxes? Yes, you will do those. What’s more, collecting coins and refilling the basket are two other tasks, too. Well, I’m talking about Bike Tyke, a funny game for kids, which asks a player to work as a paperboy named Tyke.

Let’s help him ride bike, avoid crashing into pedestrians and obstacles along the road and collecting coins as well. Getting coins is notably necessary to unlock a new character and 2 other expensive bikes. I can’t wait to play Bike Tyke now. How about you?

How to play?

Use the upwards and downwards to move Tyke go up and go down on the PC.

Tap right to go up and tap left to go down on the mobile. Enjoy!