Braains io GamePlay:

Braains io is an attractive and addictive online multiplayer game with a new gameplay. All players will join this game as humans, then one the outbreak happens, the waves of zombies will attack humans and turn us into toxic zombies. So, your final aim is to escape and hide until the time runs out. Keep your mind is to avoid joining the zombie team and leading humans to get the victory in the game. Explore Brains io right now at game online friv 2017!


Do you dare to fight with zombies or have you ever acted as a zombie? Don’t hesitate anymore! Click Braains io at friv Games play and show your courage right now!


Braains io is an attractive online multiplayer game with a new gameplay. In this game at Games of friv, there are 2 parties in the battle.


Players can play roles as both human (or survivors in the game) and zombies. The first role, you are a human. Race, run and hide! Everything will be surprisingly amazing so you gotta play aggressively. An outbreak will come up with the waves of zombies and strike with a rush.


If you don’t want to become a zombie, please pay attention to the limited time given and quickly find out the best hiding place. Note that, the place should not be too crowded. And it is better that you cooperate with some other players to keep perfect strategies and survive until the requested time runs out. Just only one is alive, the win belongs to the survivors. The second role, you are a zombie.

Now, your mission is to infect all humans in a requested time. Completely opposite to the first one, right? You just have to track down humans and touch them to convert them into zombies. That’s it. No matter the role you are, try your best to become the first in the Leaderboard. There’s no time like the present! Explore it right now at friv game! Good luck! Here at friv4, many other exciting games are waiting for you to experience such as http://friv4school2017.net/


How to play?

Use arrow keys or WASD to move, the mouse to rotate, grab or shoot.