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Bubblegum Tricks is a riveting game at Friv4school2017.net. Are you attached to chewing gum? If you love this kind of confectionary, the game is good for you. You will have to make bubbles from gum. You blow bubbles in various sizes. You have a soft spot for Bubblegum Tricks game of Friv 4 school.  


Bubblegum Tricks online game is very gripping. You will take roles of characters to blow bubbles. Chew gums and make bubbles. You are a boy wearing a denim coat and blue pants. You are standing in a playground. Because this is a single-player game in Friv 4 school games, you are the only one person making bubbles.


You must click the screen to start blowing. Hold the mouse to increase the size of the bubble. It gets bigger and bigger. You see a green circle. Your challenge is making a bubble which is as big as the circle. Stop blowing when you make the suitable size. You just release the mouse on Friv games for free when you have the same size bubble. The bubble will explode. If you are successful, the game will say “Great/Perfect/Superb”. If you fail to make the same size, the game says “Almost/Good try”.


The ring’s size changes continually. It can be small, medium or big. You must stop blowing at the right time to reach the right size. It’s not easy. You calculate the time exactly. You get one point if you have a right bubble at http://friv4school2017.net/. Earn scores as many as you can. The game does not apply time pressure. The game ends as soon as you make the wrong bubble. If you lose the game, you back to the beginning. Get scores once again.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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