Gunblood GamePlay:

Welcome to Gunblood – an attractive shooting game at friv at school! Who will become champion? All will depend on your shooting skills. Explore with Gunblood now!


If you are a fan of shooting games, I suggest that you shouldn’t miss any chances to enjoy Gunblood – an interesting shooting game at friv game. However, before playing this game, I think that you should think carefully because the game contains a lot of violent and scary photos.


Moreover, it is totally inappropriate for kids and people who are afraid of blood images in life. Are you ok? Jump into this exciting shooting game at friv play now!

This game has all 9 rounds and with each round, the difficulty level will increase significantly.


For instance, the difficulty level is 20% in round 1 and 30% in the next round. Here, you will have to fight in a two-person battle and face the enemy at a short distance. So, if you want to be the last survivor, you are forced to defeat your opponent in the battle. If not, you will become a victim of the game.


Keep your mind to shoot your opponent down until he runs out of energy in the battle. Pay attention to time and start shooting enemies as soon as you can. Note that, you only have a certain amount of ammunition, so you must observe carefully and shoot accurately at the opponent in the battle.


Try your best to conquer 9 rounds and get the highest score in the game. What are you waiting for? Check it out at frivgame 2017. Hope that you will have a great time!

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How to play?

Play this game by using your left mouse in the game.

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