Hexagor.io GamePlay:

Hexagor.io is a territory-capturing game. The objective is to achieve 500 asserted tiles in a hexagon based guide. In Hexagorio you begin off with one hexagon tile called your Capital if your capital is lost, you will respawn once more, much the same as you did when you initially joined the game.

When you first begin the game, you will no doubt be encompassed by white tiles known as Unclaimed Tiles. These white tiles won't attempt to battle back when you attempt to claim them dissimilar to Claimed Tiles, which are possessed by others players who will doubtlessly attempt to shield them in the event that you attempt to take them. There are additionally different tiles known as Unique Tiles, which will take more time to claim or help you assert a great deal more land then you're ordinarily would have on the off chance that it was a Normal Tile.

You will no doubt need to go to war with somebody keeping in mind the end goal to get enough tiles to win, war includes asserting each other's tiles until you can guarantee their capital and they are vanquished, which will probably include the utilization of Towers. In any case, you may likewise make a Peace Treaty, which will for all time cripple catching each other's tiles for whatever is left of the present diversion. There are a few Skins that you might be haphazardly given when you begin the diversion that spins around a wide range of hues and examples, passing on and respawning will give you another skin. You can pick a name before you begin the diversion, that name won't reset when you pass on or begin another game, and you can not transform it until you bite the dust or begin another diversion.

Controls: Mouse = Attack / Defense, WASD = Move cam

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