Hop Don't Stop GamePlay:

Hop Don’t Stop is a thrilling action running game which is similar with Temple Run and Tomb Runner. In Hop Don’t Stop, you will control a cute bunny.so that he can be featured with the power-ups and upgrades. How to do that? Let him grab all the diamonds which are necessary for running further. Like other similar running games, you should control the bunny carefully so that he does not run into the obstacles which can make him become a loser. To sum up, all you have to do is swiping, ducking, and running as far as possible. There you go to win Hop Don’t Stop. It’s not easy at all, so please think about it.

Hop Don’t Stop is great game for all ages. The game is made with html5 technology so you can play it everywhere, on PC or on mobile devices. That’s great, isn’t it? To play the game, you can use arrow keys or mouse to play on PC, and touch the screen when play on the mobile devices. Are you ready to play the game? Have fun!

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