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Don’t Hit Me is a captivating driving game at Friv4school2017.net. You control a four-wheel vehicle on the roads. Nothing attacks you. The important thing is that you can be the threat to others. If you don’t focus on driving, you will crash into them. Don’t Hit Me game of www.friv4school2017 makes players feel good.


Don’t Hit Me online game is a chance to practice the driving skill. Do you want to master your skill? Do you desire to become a professional driver? You have always to follow traffic rules. Watch out! Don’t hit pedestrians. The game counts down from 3 to 1. Let’s go to www.friv4school2017.com. You drive a red car on the road. Go on streets. You meet roundabouts and T-junctions.


You just can move toward or stop. Pedestrians will cross the street. They move from side to side. They can cross in the group of some people. Sometimes only one pedestrian crosses the road. They just walk on zebra lines. You must slow down or stop to avoid them. When you cannot control your car and hit them, they will blow up. You lose the game. You shall click Play Again button to replay in www.friv4school2017 game.


The game saves your existing score and best score. Play the game as long as you can. Get the high score and drive safely. You are able to speed up when you don’t see pedestrians. The pedestrians may appear suddenly. Be careful!


Attempt to break your record. Tell playmates about this driving game and rate it with maximum stars. Your sharing and rating are our motives. Remember to give feedback on the website. Check your driving skill on Extreme Car Driving, Tropical Delivery, and Thug Racer of http://friv4school2017.net/.



  • Use down arrow to slow down or hold it to stop.
  • Use up arrow to speed up.
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