Let's Go Fishing GamePlay:

Fishing time, everyone! Come here to play Lets Go Fishing. You will have a lot fun for sure. This game is very suitable to kids because it’s quite simple and easy to play. Moreover, the game trains them to be patient and quick. With colorful fishes, children will love them much. Now let’s see what they have to do with this game friv. The main mission of Let’s Go Fishing is to catch as many fishes as possible. Tab the screen to release the hook which is used to catch the fish. Let’s aim at the fishes correctly, there you go to complete the mission of Let’s Go Fishing. Look! There are a lot of fishes! Catch them now!

Playing Let’s Go Fishing makes me think of Gold Miner, a collecting gold game using a hook. If you like the gameplay of Let’s Go Fishing, I believe you will like Gold Miner, too.

How to play? Click the mouse to release the hook, move the mouse to direct the hook (for PC). Touch the screen to play (for smartphone/tablet)