Lilip ilip GamePlay:

Aim-and-shooting game has never been outdated. If you’re looking for a game of this genre, then Lilip Ilip is an amazing one that you have to try. Ilip is a cute creature who loves to eat fruits. However, the tree is so tall that Ilip cannot reach. Your mission is obviously to help him to get 3 fruits without touching some dangers such as a hive, a bird or a worm, and so on. You have 3 lives at each stage. In order to get all fruits and avoid the obstacles, you have to watch the target carefully. There are 24 stages in total. You have to get at least one fruit to move to the next stage. Just challenge yourself by getting the highest score – 3 fruits. Are you ready to conquer all stages? Let’s start!


Use mouse to play. You press and hold the left mouse to aim and shoot.

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