Space1.io GamePlay:

If you are a huge fan of the io games, you will like Space1.io - the latest multiplayer io game. In Space1io, you will have to build your own forces so that you are strong enough to survive in a fiercely competitive environment, and to destroy the other major enemies as well. Your goal should be the winner of the game. In the beginning of the game, you will have three members which are the same color triangles. As noted above, when joining the game, you will have to kill your enemies for your stronger growth. The more enemies are killed, the bigger you will be. All is to serve the core goal of building the strongest force that no one could destroy it.

Unlike other friv games like slither.io or Agar.io, Space1.io seems to give priority to those who are weak. The proof is the game allows you to kill the enemies who are bigger than you with the exact way they destroy you. That means whether you are small, you can still shoot at the huge competitors and gradually destroy their forces. However, I do not advise the new players to take this approach, because it is like an elephant is provoked by an ant. And the ant will be a victim for sure. Be wise!  However, if you are brave enough, it isn’t too bad. Doing so, you might quickly become a giant in a real difficult world. In short, you destroy enemies while avoiding their bullets. That’s it!

How to play Space1 io Game

Use the mouse to move, and click the left mouse or Press Space to shoot. Have fun!