Super Mechs GamePlay:

Super Mechs is an attractive action game which is developed by Kongregate. This game is quite violent, so I think that it is more suitable for adults to play. In Super Mechs, your main task is to create a perfect fighting robot with many special weapons. Then, you will control it to destroy other robots in the game. If you win, you will receive many coins after each level. Interestingly, the players can use coins to buy many kinds of advanced weapons in the game. These weapons will help your robot kill opponents in the shortest time. So, I think that you should upgrade continuously many special weapons because this is the fastest way for you to gain the final win in the game. Furthermore, you also can play online with thousands of the players over the world. Are you ready to challenge yourself? Click now!


In Super Mechs, you can use the mouse to interact with the computer or tap directly on the touch devices. Do you want to put your highest score on the leaderboard? Good luck!