Super Sticky Stacker GamePlay:

A cute and funny physics-based puzzle game - Super Sticky Stacker is ready for the players to play online and for free at friv Games online. Arrange all little blocks to create a perfect link block without falling down on the screen for at least 3 seconds. So, you are free to place these blocks anywhere you want. Think carefully before placing small blocks to keep them together. Let’s play!



Use your mouse to drag and drop these little blocks.


This game is a fun game for people of all ages as long as you have an adventurous spirit.My first impression is the game’s sound. Are you a Harry Potter's fan? Well, if you are, I bet that you will like it. A mysterious music but still have a little fun in it that enough to attract the players to this game. Like others puzzle games, Super Sticky Stacker has multi levels as the numerous challenges which you have to conquer.


Although the mission of the game is unchanged but at Friv 4, we try our best to help the players have an enjoyable time by setting some different challenges for each level. That means you can't use the same way to overcome the levels. However, you may get used to some obstructions such as the mental blocks which can't stick to anything, or the spikes, at first, they are harmless, but they are activated when the clock starts clicking. There are more and more in behind.


One more thing, this game has a timer; make sure that your arrangement can't hold on for five seconds or more. If one block is falling during the counting time, the game will end immediately. There are more similar fun games that are waiting for you ahead. Quickly, click to our official website at http://friv4school2017.net/ at frivgame 2017.