Super Elastic GamePlay:

Super Elastic is an exciting physics game in which players will have the chance to express the dexterity and rapid response. This game is suitable for all ages from kids to adults. As a player, you will have a mission of posing your body exactly like the postures on the oncoming panels. To overcome all challenges in Super Elastic, the players need to copy correctly all postures in the fastest time. Especially, the players will only have a short time to control their bodies because Super Elastic’s speed is quite quick. So, players should consider and remember carefully all manipulations in Super Elastic to gain the final win.

How to play Super Elastic

In Super Elastic, players can use the mouse to interact or keys on the computer to control body condition. With some keys on the computer, such as A: Raise your hands to the left, E: Raise your hands to the right, Q: Keep straight hands to the left, D: Keep straight hands to the right, W: Keep your leg to the left, C: Keep your leg to the right.

However, sometimes, players have to keep more keys at a time to overcome levels in Super Elastic. With friv school game, the players will have the best wonderful moments in Super Elastic. Enjoy it now!