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Math For Kids is a splendid game at Friv4school2017.net. Why don’t you spend your time learning Math? Imagine you wrack your brain with lively numbers and operations. Exert yourself to find the right answers. Math For Kids game open a great realm of insight in friv 4 games


Welcome you to the magic world of Math For Kids free game! You discover a land of mathematics to learn many new things. Check your knowledge and challenge all your nerves. Do you want to study math in a funny way? Numbers look so cute and lively. They are in shape of wild animals on friv 4 games player. The number 1 looks like a giraffe. The number 6 is a snake. The number 5 is in shape of a seahorse.   


There are 4 equators which are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You select one out of four. For example, you choose addition to play, so exercises are about addition. We give you operations, and your task is to look for the right answers. We provide questions about additions. There are 3 answers below each question. You pick a correct one at friv 4 games for free. Three answers are put in squares. You click to pick one. The answer moves to the resulting cell. Then we will give marks. If you get a right answer, you have a green sign. In case you are wrong, you will have a red cross.    


You don’t answer in the limited time. Therefore, you have so much time to think carefully before giving the answers in friv 4 games online. Each right reply values one point. Your score is always shown on the display. Get points as many as you can. You play until you die. When you have a wrong response, you lose the game. You can restart or back to the menu to try other equators.


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How to play: Use the mouse to play.       

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