Orn.io GamePlay:

Ornio – a fun multiplayer game for all ages is available for you to play and challenge any other players around the world at friv Games 2017. What is your main mission? Simply, like Slither.io games, all you need is to move continuously around the screen and eat as many balls as possible to become the biggest ball in the game. However, be more careful with bigger balls because they can eat you in a simple way. If you like this genre, I believe that you also will love to play Slither.io game at school friv. Wish you have a great time!


Clash and swallow balls! Haha!!! Are you ready to be the biggest ball? Challenge yourself and others with Orn.io. It is really fun!


Welcome to Orn.io – one of the most attractive collecting games at friv online Games. Even you are a fan of collecting games or not, you shouldn’t miss this game. With a simple gameplay, this game promises to bring wonderful relaxing moments to you.


The game opens a new world in which players from all over can join together. Your main target is to become the biggest ball. And all you need is to move continuously around the screen and eat as many balls as possible. Remember that you can only eat smaller balls and bigger ones can do the same to you.


So, keep your eye to observe carefully before moving. Besides, in unexpected situations, you should be careful with red barriers on your way because it can break your ball down into a dozen pieces.

But, interestingly, you can also rotate or split your ball when necessary to make it harder for others to destroy you. What are you thinking? Many exciting things are waiting for you. Play it right now and stand at number one in top 5. Have fun!


How to play?

Use WASD to move, the mouse to rotate, space to split, enter to chat.