Particolo GamePlay:

Particolo is a fabulous addicting game. It is a puzzle game of Friv4school2017. Do you have a smart mind? You can check your intelligence quotient by joining this game. A plenty of flamboyant colors are shown. Unite them and turn them into only one color. Particolo game boosts your way of thinking in frivfriv.

Particolo online game is so difficult to win all levels. There are 40 levels. So many! Missions are different. In each level, you have to reach targets. Challenges change continuously, so you never get bored with this game. You will have to turn different colors into the one certain color with the limited clicks at frivfriv games. Constantly you get used to this puzzle game.


To understand the game more, you should play now. In the level 1, the board has two colors which are blue and red. You select one color from blue, orange, red, green, and yellow. You just have one click. Pick the right color and click on the right position of the board. You will have to choose blue and touch the red zone on the board. The red zone turns into blue. You win the first level on frivfriv player games.


In the level 4, you must choose the orange, then select the blue color. Sometimes, one color just has 2 dots. Observe and change their color. We record the time you play one level. Your score and best score will be shown on the display. If you can’t make the board become one color, you lose the game. Replay to play again in frivfriv free game. A number of color zones on the board will increase, so the game gets harder and harder. Use your brain to complete levels.


Evaluate this game and talk to companions about it. Write opinions about it. Seek other puzzle games such as Light Rays, 10x10!, and Brainie at http://friv4school2017.net/.


How to play: Use the mouse to play.

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