Pixel Gun 3D GamePlay:

Pixel Gun 3D is an enthralling game at Friv4school2017. Many missions are waiting for you. Set your foot on dark forest and creepy towns to do missions. Grab gun machine and spring to your feet to terminate zombies. Make other players applaud you for crowning achievements in Pixel Gun 3D game of friv oyununun.   


Pixel Gun 3D free game is a fierce battleground. There are 2 modes: single player mode and multiple player mode. In the single-player mode, you are going to fight against zombies and struggle against soldiers. Zombies fight against soldiers at times. You must find all hidden objects from each map in friv oyununun games. A number of objects to find are 20. You can regulate a number of Bots.


In the single-player mode, you have to complete maps including Apocalypse Begin, Forest, Infected Town, Ramps, Sundown, and Town. Complete missions to unlock next map. Each map refers to a kind of terrain. In Apocalypse Begin, you are in a camping resort with some trees and tents on friv oyununun player games. Lots of zombies are walking around and look for you. They want your blood. Your health point is 100. It reduces 10 points after each time you are murdered.


Your mission is a balancing act between surviving and finding 20 objects. You are armed with a gun. Shoot bullets at your horror enemies such as dead bodies and wild animals. You can use knives and throw grenades at friv oyununun free games. Try new mode Zombies Survival. When you run out of health point, you will lose the game. Exit or restart. We let you know how many zombies you have killed. We record the time you play.


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  • Use arrows to move.
  • Use Space to shoot.
  • Use F to use knives, G to throw grenades.


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