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Princess Social Media Model Princess is available on Friv4school2017. The princess Moana needs to photograph to post on a social newsfeed. Show her good taste of fashion and gain users’ attention. Compliments make her happy in Princess Social Media Model game of frivf. Become a star in the sun.


Princess Social Media Model free is a dressing game for girls. This game is about Moana princess. She is a Disney princess. Moana desires to become a famous supermodel, but she lives on a remote island. Everyone uses social media applications nowadays. Moana will take pictures of herself at frivf  game to post on Princessgram and wait for likes. 


Moana gets dressed for the first photo. There are a few hairstyles to choose. They are bob, wavy short hair, wavy long hair, and buns. Necklaces are gold or red with different designs. Sunglasses, bracelets are accessories. She can hold a cocktail glass. She selects from a white blouse with red tie, a light blue shirt, a black shirt with a pattern of 2 flamingoes, and a strap top in frivf player game. We have a long purple skirt, a flower pattern skirt, jeans, and colorful short skirt. There are 3 pairs of high heels with red, black, and bronze color. Make a good-looking outfit so that Moana wears it. Take a picture and post on Princessgram. A lot of compliments come.


Moana decides to take the second photo. She changes the style. You see new items. New hairstyles and pieces of jewelry appear. She selects from a black strap shirt, brown shirt with the unique design, white shirt, and long sleeve black. There is a long floral skirt, white short skirt, and denim trousers.  She may hold an ice cream or a donut. Take a photo and upload it on frivf online game.


As many people like her pictures, she shall continue to photograph. For this time, the princess wears the bikini. The closet is full of colorful bikinis with various designs. They are strapped. Choose a good hairstyle and suitable accessories. Wear sunglass, necklace, bracelet, and ring of flowers. Pick nice shoes. Take a picture with a background of the beach. Post it and count the likes.


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  • Use the mouse to play.


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