Religious Idle GamePlay:

Religious Idle is the tycoon style game in which you can play here on friv Games to play. Did you ever feel like you could just start up a new religion? In this game, you will create a new religion using technology. Your task is to recruit followers, build temples, make billions of tax-free dollars! Do you think people will follow you? You will earn plenty of money, if they do. Now, let's start talking about your religion around you!


This is an awesome, funny idle-click game for all sophisticated gamers! It is the 21'st century after all how better to find followers then to create an online religion? You will start your religion from scratch with the freedom. Define names and attributes of your newly created faith. Once your following grows and more people turn to your religion, and then generous followers will start to donate money to you. You can use this money to invest in sacred relics and holy buildings that will attract more followers you can topple the other major religions. Create a religion to be remembered through the ages! Have fun!


Please rate the game with 5 stars and tell me your feelings of it. Share the game with your buddies to have fun. Discover other related games such as Millionaire 2018 at https://friv4school2017.net/.



◉ Clicker-idle game about a new religion

◉ You have the freedom to choose names and attributes of the religion

◉ Enough information about each upgrade

◉ Unlockable special features using relics

◉ Mailbox system



Use the left mouse button to play.

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