Saga of Cragen: Stones of Thum GamePlay:

Do you know Heru, a game with a mission of protecting the eye of Horus by shooting at the group of at least three marbles. If you already did, you would find it very familiar with a game I’m going to introduce to you. Its name is Saga of Cragen Stones of Thum. There are several different points. One of them is graphic design. I prefer the graphic of Saga of Cragen to Heru. The second one is the game story. In Saga of Cragen: Stones of Thum, you will talk with Craigen, the barbarian.

You: I see a northen tribe village over there. Good! They’ll have some ale! Meet craigen the barbarian on his quest to find some more ale.

You: What’s going on here?

Cragen: And as usual, I remind you that whoever completes our 12 secret trials of the stones shall get married to my daughter!

You: So pretty…I want to marry her! All I need to do is to match some stupid sacred stones!

In order to have the beautiful princess, you have to overcome 12 levels in Saga of Cragen Stones of Thum. And you are able to unlock the next level only when you complete the mission of the current one.

How to play? Match the stones of the same type. Touch and drag to aim, release to shoot. Enjoy!