Slendrina Must Die: The Forest GamePlay:

Slendrina Must Die: The Forest is a frightening game at Friv4school2017. You set foot on a dark forest and begin your own creepy adventure. Scream and cry for fear. Don’t give up! Destroy all devils and save your life. Slendrina Must Die: The Forest game lets you know the limit of fright in friv for kids.


Slendrina Must Die: The Forest online game is making you so shocking. Be brave to hold the gun tight.  Let’s discover secrets in the woods. What is waiting for you? You must find out seven keys to unveil secrets. Slendrina and her child keep secrets. Defeat them to finish your mission on friv for kids game. Watch out! You go around the forest in the night.


You are holding a revolver. You move towards and see a green chest. Open it and take an item. You have 100 health points in the beginning. You lose some points when you are injured. As you use up 100 points, you die and lose the game. Keep your life. You have amour too. The amour will protect you. Go into a haunted house and open all doors. In one room, you can take a rifle and grenade. You face a monster. Shoot to kill it. Go up a stair and look for the key. You will find it on a chair of friv for kids free game. Collect weapons and items. Kill zombies by shooting them.


Go down the basement. Observe carefully to find the keys. Go outside to continue seeking. Enter another house. Change your weapon. Use a grenade to destroy walls. You see a cabinet. Open drawers to find the second key. You will find the third key in the old minivan. Go on searching for the rest of keys.


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  • Use WASD to walk, mouse to look around.
  • Use left mouse to fire, right mouse to aim.
  • Use G to apply grenades, left Shift to run.
  • Use left Ctrl to crouch, Space to jump and C to prone.
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