Soccer Heads GamePlay:

An exciting football battle of all time will take place in just a few minutes in Soccer Heads. Are you confident enough to participate in this match? Prove to everyone by your talent at Friv online games. To start this game, you can choose the single player mode, or join a favorite team and lead your team to get the victory.


In here, use all your skills to kick as many balls as possible into the goal of your opponent. To complete this task, you have to move continuously around on the field and take every opportunity to hit the ball into the goal. Will you gain the championship? Good luck!



Player 1: Use arrow keys to move, M to kick.

Player 2: Use arrow keys to move, G to kick.

Soccer Heads is a perfect game for boys who love robust and healthy activities. We set 2 modes in the game so you can play it on the computer or with friends. Play online and free download at Friv.


This game converges all the impressive features that make you are bewitched. We have added many teams over the world: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc. to make sure that you can find a team tally. In Soccer Heads, you will compete with your rival through a number of balls that each one can get. Try your best and put your name on the Leaderboard.


And if you are addicted to this game, you also can try Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars. This game is another version of Soccer Heads. More interesting things you can discover in that match.

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