Sonic Bomberman GamePlay:

Sonic Bomberman is an attractive and funny bomb game,similar to Bomb IT 7 Game which will help you get more and more smiles in life. In this game, all you need is to put bombs in the right positions and destroy all obstacles as well as enemies on the way. One more thing, be more careful to avoid deadly bomb traps of the enemy and yourself. Try your best to kill as many foes as possible and complete each level in the shortest time. Interestingly, to start this game, you can choose 1 in 2 modes: single player or two players. Are you ready to conquer this game? Discover it right now.


How to play friv?

  • Single player: Use arrow keys to move, space to put bombs
  • Two players: Player 1: Use WASD to move, “Space” to put bombs. Player 2: Use arrow keys to move, “Enter” to put bombs.

This is an attractive game that can bewitch everyone from all over the world. It stimulates the spirit of adventure, improves your skill and judgment. With the useful skills, you can solve more active work in life. Like Bomb IT - the Bomberman Games kind, the objective of this funny game is to set bombs in some particular positions to defeat your enemies and defend your character from competitors against.

The point I'd like to begin is the instruction of using the power-up symbols in case they confuse the players during the match. Most the fans of the Bomb type games are familiar with some features as plus one life/bomb, walk faster, bigger explosion, protection shield or freeze the enemy that why I will just explain about a few new features. "Throw grenade over walls" aspect allows you to attack your rivals indirectly; "confuse enemy"- punches your foes and "place mine bombs"- uses darts to kill enemies. Another thing I like this game is that more than one person can play it. Just by a simple click, you can select your preferred mode: 1 player or 2 players. With this feature, you can share your enjoyable time with your friends and together have the memorable moments at game friv.

Apart from that, at Friv 4, you can choose the rank in each model like easy, normal or hard as well as your main character. These selections are able to change after one match. Do you understand on this game’s rules? Let's conquer the match! All free at free friv Games.  

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