StrainZ 1 GamePlay:

Fortunately, you are the only survivor on this planet and your mission is to destroy the enemy and bring peace back to Earth. Are you brave enough to take responsibility for it? Don’t forget that you will only have two choices: Fight to survive or accept to die. Be brave! Take your gun and shoot down all aliens and zombies in our city at Friv games.


Do you want to experience more with many shooting games? I will give you a list of games like Gunblood or Shoot Em at friv 4 online. Ready to find your shooting limit? Good luck!


Do you have a great shooting skill? OK! Do you dare to join StrainZ 1 – an attractive shooting game for all ages at best friv 2017. Challenge your talent with StrainZ 1 right now!


Finally, StrainZ 1 has also appeared at friv Games for boys with the expectations of thousands of players around the world. Why is this game so attractive? Because this game has many interesting improvements and great breakthroughs for the players. Follow me and explore your shooting limit in this exciting game at friv 4 .


Before mentioning the gameplay, I believe that you will be amazed by the graphic design of this game. The graphics are too excellent with vivid 3D images and striking colors. The eye-catching graphics from the smallest detail with great sound effects will bring you a truly engaging battle at friv 4 free. I assert that this is one of the games that owns the best graphics in the world. I was really impressed and completely immersed in the scene of the game.


Set in a dead city at friv4 Games, this game is about a sad story about humankind. One day, our earth was attacked by aliens and malicious zombies. They destroy everything on earth such as eradicating human culture, killing human beings and destroying structures. Our Earth is truly a dead land in the universe.

How to play?

Use WASD to move, mouse to aim or shoot, E to interact, P to pause in the game.

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