The Green Missions: Inside a Cave GamePlay:

The Green Missions: Inside a Cave is a cool retro side-scrolling arcade game that you can play here on friv games for school. In this title you take control of a cute little green creature - they have been sent inside a cave to explore. You must help them through the cave by solving various puzzles as you progress. 


Your character will pick up various abilities as they move on deeper into the cave. For example you can change color and call in a rocket to help find the way! There is a range of fun levels to play that present different areas of the cave. Can you conquer each one and help our green hero escape?


You can share the game with your friends today. This balancing game will definitely make you think a lot before making the final decision at https://friv4school2017.net/. Do not miss other interesting similar games anymore on our website as Super Ryona World 3 and Deep Down. The new world is waiting for you to discover the rules and special things.



Left or right arrow to move

Up arrow to jump

Space bar to switch color

X to switch to rocket

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