Toy Defense GamePlay:

Toy Defense 2, a new war strategy game, has being played by a lot of kids worldwide. The game asks them to be very patient, wise and smart because it’s not very easy to play. It needs some efforts for sure. When you play Toy Defense 2, you will play several important roles in a war between you and your enemies. For example, you will have to recruit troops, create your skilled military so that the core mission is completed. That is your base is safe. In Toy Defense 2, you will experience the various battlefields such as beaches, forests and deserts. It’s exactly the same with Army of Ages, which also requires you to destroy the foes quickly before they build a stronger army to defeat you. The two games are cool and the good choices for the spare time. Enjoy!

How to play? Use the mouse to play (PCs) and touch the screen (Mobiles and tablets)

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