Traffic Car GamePlay:

Have you ever experienced traffic police work? Is this easy? All will have in Traffic Car at friv for school free Games. Play Traffic Car and experience this precious work!


Essentially, Traffic Car at friv for kids Games is an interesting and addictive puzzle game in which you will act as a traffic police and your work is to control the vehicles on the road. Set at an intersection with no traffic lights, a lot of traffic is moving across this crossroads.


Warning! This is the road segment with many traffic accidents, so you have to perform the task in the most careful way. I have a few notes for you in this game. The first note is that these vehicles have the fast moving speed. Second, this road has no traffic lights, so the means of transportation are without any rules.


Finally at Games of friv, any means of getting across the road in the fastest way. So you only have one choice - control the means of transport and avoid creating accidents on the road. This task is not easy?


Keep your eyes to control the vehicles carefully and wisely along the way. Here, you will have to decide which means are allowed to go ahead and which means to go later to avoid accidents. Do you understand? Checkout http://friv4school2017.net/ to explore more!


Controls: Use your mouse.

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