Up Hill Racing 2 GamePlay:

Up Hill Racing 2 is an addictive HTML5 racing game in which you will have the chance to join the most interesting race on friv school Games. In this game, you can choose many different vehicles as monster truck, a lorry or even a 6 wheeler car. With Up Hill Racing 2, show off your talent by driving your car as far as possible and collecting many coins on the way. Be more careful with deadly traps and dangerous obstacles in the game. Interestingly, why don’t you try to play Up Hill Racing version? Play online and free with friv school now! Good luck!


How to play friv free?

Use the mouse to play or tap directly on the touch devices. Check out Up Hill Racing 2 mobile!


This game is an excellent chance for all racing lovers at Friv 4. If you are one of them, I bet that you will like it. There is no gender discrimination in this game; you can be a female rider or male rider as long as you love racing and being challenged. No much special skills are required in the game but the controlling character and predicted circumstance skills. This game also is one of the favorite games at friv play Games. Then catching your opportunity and play this game now!


Joining the most interesting race on friv 2017, your primary mission is controlling your car to overcome different terrains. There is so much treasure that will be arranged on the race track. Don't forget to fill your fuel; you need it in order to finish the race. With these earned coins, you can buy more fuel, engine, tires, and stability. In other words, you can turn your car into a ' monster' that can accomplish all the obstacles.


Two main challenges of the game are car and track. You need specific coins to upgrade it. The different tracks will bring you the different experiences, and the variety of vehicles will fulfill your curiosity. You can race on hillock, desert, arctic or hills with your roadster, wagon, pickup monster and so on. It is really a long but exciting journey.


One more thing that I overvalue in the game, is the parallel mode; that means you can compare your last race with your current race. This mode is really necessary for you in case you want to overcome your last achievement. Let's show off your skills by driving your car to the target in the shortest time as possible, and don't forget to collect many coins on the race.


Be careful with deadly traps and dangerous obstacles which are hidden in the game at friv Games. Racing now!