1+2=3 Pandas? GamePlay:

1+2=3 Pandas game is as easy as 1 + 1 = 2 for those who is puzzle games online fan! Meet an amicable panda and help it meet up a challenge in this mobile game! Our friendly panda is in love with simple computation and mathematical calculation. All you need to do is pick and tap on a right answer.


How to play 1+2=3 Pandas?

  • Panda is about to show you one table with numbers and three answers to choose, you give your answer by clicking mouse or touching mobile screen.


Train both your mental math skills and reaction with 1+2=3 Pandas? Don’t you dare? Try out your ability now at friv for kids! Good luck!

If you are a fan of online puzzle games, you shouldn’t miss 1+2=3 Pandas? This game must be the great chance for you to check your calculation skills. Discover yourself now! An amicable panda is in love with simple mathematical operations. And he is about to show you one table with numbers and three answers to choose.


Here at friv at school, your task is to count the value of each operation and click on a right answer. You just have a very short time, only about 3 seconds or so, for calculating and acting. The given questions go around the numbers 1,2,3 but it seems to be easy to confuse in such a short time.


So, please stay focused to react as fast as possible. Keep in mind that if you are out of time, you will have to start again from the beginning. Don't let your Pandas feel distressed and try your best to cope with as many questions as you can and get high scores at friv kids Games. Hope you have a great time! Enter the whole world of puzzle games just by one click at friv Games for school!


Now it is your turn to do sums and react quickly! Add and subtract to choose a right value. Don't let Pandas feel distressed and always give a right answer! Test your calculation skills online at Friv Games 2017. Good luck!