Angry Snake GamePlay:

Angry Snake is a spectacular game at Friv4school2017. You act as one snake wandering around to look for foodstuff. The more you eat, the bigger you grow. Control the kingdom of slithering creatures. Defeat and slaughter enemies to rule the area. Angry Snake game of f riv is so amusing to play. Go in the battle right now. Nerve yourself!


Angry Snake free game is a massively multiplayer game. You may play as a guest or sign in to have an account. Make a difference the skin color if you want in f riv game. Many colors are red, white, yellow, blue, and green. Select one color you like. You get lost in the kingdom which is home to a series of snakes. 


You see you crawling on a vast dark blue floor. The floor has the border. You are frozen when crossing the border. The floor is a battlefield of players all around the world. Everyone desires to be the king. At first, you are just a tiny snake on f riv player games. To grow up, you shall eat colorful dots. Dots are rainbow-like and have a lot of sizes. They are green, blue, yellow, brown and red. Move cleverly to take them as many as possible. The more dots you eat, the bigger you are. 


If you crash into other snakes, you will lose your life. The game is over instantly. You will see your best score, players defeated, worms owned, worms killed, food consumed, bugs eaten, bonuses picked, and time played at f riv free games. Press Play Again button to retry. Eliminating opposing snakes by letting them crash into you. There is a map showing the position of all players. Make use of it to play well and avoid rivals. A leaderboard shows the rank of players.    


We welcome all your comments and rating. Talk about it to your buddies. Try to play Slither.io, Snake IS, and Wormate.io from http://friv4school2017.net/.  


How to play: 
•    Use the mouse to move the snake.

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