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Playing Plumber 1 is an excellent idea to relax at Friv4school2017 when you are snowed under so much work. You will be a skillful plumber repairing water pipes to supply potable water to your neighborhood. Plumber 1 game of frinv challenges your brain for sure. Consider and move pipes smartly!


Plumber 1 free game is so easy to understand rules and play. At first, you need to know who a plumber is. A plumper installs and maintains plumbing systems used for drinking water, sewage and drainage. You had better serve as a professional plumber to fix damaged pipes in frinv games and brings clean water back everyone. This is an important job which requests smart mind and careful style.


The game has 2 modes: classic mode and time mode. In the classic mode, you pass 40 levels to become the winner. The crucial mission is to make the fluid circle and let water flow from one side to the other side. You move pipes and valves in such way that water circulates. Pipes are straight while valves are bent. Valves have 2 or 3 ends on frinv player games. Each pipe or valve lies in a cell. When you click on applications, they revolve around the cell. Match them together to let water circulate. Pipes are black when water does not flow through them. Pipes turn blue when water flows through them. The structure of system changes over levels. The game cracks down on the difficulty level. For example, at level 1, you let water flow from 1 pipe in the right to 1 pipe in the left. At level 9, you have to bring water from 1 pipe in the right to 3 pipes in the left.


In the time mode, you have a pressure of time at frinv online games. Water is rising high. You must finish the task before water touches the highest part of the tank. If you don’t finish a mission, you fail and the game ends. You see the existing score and best score. Click Replay button to begin a new game.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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