Apache War City GamePlay:

Apache War City is available on Friv4school2017.net. You fight like a sniper and combat enemies. You are hiding in a tower. Your mission is end opponents’ life.  Hold your gun tight and release exact shots. The result of the clash depends on you. You are the ace. You are attached to Apache War City game of frv games.  


Apache War City online game is a shooting game. You are a soldier fighting in a bloody fierce melee. Your responsibility is to hide and shoot enemies. You are a sniper. You hide in a high building and aim at a rival. A combat is taking place in a terrace. Your companions are fighting with enemy’s army now. You must assist and back up them at frv games free.


You are provided a weapon which is a rifle. You use it to shoot opponents. Aim at them exactly and shoot straight. The rivals appear continuously. After you kill one, another enemy turns up. This melee takes so much time. Enemies will try to launch missiles or shoot at you. Be careful! You have to shoot fast to damage rivals as many as you can in frv games player.


You get 10 points for each successful shot. The game records your score and best score. There is health showing your life. When the red color disappears in the bar, the game is over. You can replay to continue the shooting game. You have unlimited bullets but limited time. Be quick! Shoot fast!


You deserve a round applause for your hard work. Be brave! If you like this game, rate it with 5 stars. Comment on it and tell buddies about it. Explore shooting games Siege Online,  Combat Strike 2, and Military Squad at http://friv4school2017.net/.



  • Use the mouse to play.
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