War In Space GamePlay:

During the merciless War In Space free game, your ability to maneuver your way through the vast space among the other opponents is the most important. Not only do you have the chance to learn the basic movements in space but you will compete with other players from all around the world. Since this is a multiplayer game from Friv play, all the players attending the game are real-time.


In the warzone filled with scrap and enemy ships, the best player will be the one who can survive the attack waves for as long as possible. Be very careful because all of them are ready to shoot you with all their bullets. However, in the beginning, you come with a small spaceship.


In order to grow in size, collect the scrap scattered all over the screen. As you grow bigger and progress through the game, you will be qualified to shoot the enemies which are smaller than you. Pick the kind of spaceship that suits the most for you. The spaceships vary depending on the purpose and the attack style. You can choose the sniper kind or the aggressive close distance type.


Explore all the options at https://friv4school2017.net/ and have fun! Prove yourself and your precision during shooting battles to gain the title of the winner! To be the winner, teamwork is also a crucial element in the space games like Shot.land and Boxz.io.



Use the mouse to move and shoot at the others

Q, W, E, R to use the upgrades.

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