Space Roll GamePlay:

If you are a fan of exciting racing games, I recommend that you do not miss out on any chance to explore Space Roll game at Friv free online because this is really an exciting racing game for all ages. Warning! This game is quite hard at a fast pace, so you can play it again many times. If you feel confident with this game, you can get started right away.


Here, you will control a ball on an endless track with multi-dimensional space. A series of challenges and obstacles will appear in every place and in the race. Obstacles may include blocks, dead holes or moving squares. Their purpose is to destroy your ball in any way. Your ball will move at a high speed forward. Therefore at frive games online, you must carefully watch and control the ball accurately to avoid falling into the pit.


The tricky point in this game at friv 4 school only is that you will have to control the ball to avoid constant obstacles at a high speed. You have to be focused and ready to adjust in any situation. In each turn you only have one life, so the game ends immediately if your ball falls to the ground. One more thing, try your best to collect blocks of red squares on the road and increase your power.


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How to play? Use the mouse to play the game.

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