Roll The Ball Online GamePlay:

Roll The Ball Online is a simple but attractive puzzle game that is suitable for all ages. The principle of this game is that you have to arrange a perfect pipe that can help a ball reach the goal in each level. To start this task, all you need is to move blocks that contain a part of the pipe to create a perfect pipe in the game. Additionally, don’t forget to collect three stars in each level and unlock challenging 60 levels of Roll The Ball Online. I am ready! What about you? Check it out at Friv 4 school 2017!


Use the mouse to interact with the computer. There is a similar game that you can love to play like Super Pineapple Pen 2 at best friv Games. Click here!

Level 1: 

If you are a fan of puzzle games, I suggest that you shouldn’t miss any chances to play Roll The Ball Online – an interesting puzzle game for everyone at friv school Games. Here, your biggest mission is to create a perfect path and help an iron ball collect all gold stars and reach the destination. Especially, at level 1, it is very easy for you to pass through by pulling a block that contains a part of the pipe to its correct position in the game. After that, the iron ball will move from above to the ground and collect all the stars on the way. OK! Level 1 is finished! Ready to explore level 2 with your intelligence?

Level 2: 

After you get familiar with the gameplay in level 1, the difficulty level of level 2 will be slightly increased. However, you don’t need to worry about this problem because I believe that you can overcome this level in an easy way. Here, your pipe is missing 2 pieces and your task is to take them to their correct places in a complete pipe. Use your left mouse to move the blocks and place them into their given positions. Try your best to help the iron ball to collect three gold stars and complete level 2 in the shortest time. What are you waiting for? Let’s play at free friv Games!

Level 3: 

Unluckily! The water pipe in level 3 has been broken into many different pieces. Therefore, keep your eyes to observe carefully and find every way to connect them in the game. First, you need to remove all the blocks that don’t contain any parts of the pipe. Then, you will think of a complete water pipe and moving blocks of that logic mindset. Change the positions of blocks continuously until they form a perfect water pipe in the game. Hurry up to conquer this level and have the chance to explore many wonderful experiences in the next levels at games friv online!

Level 4: 

Level 4 is really is an interesting challenge for everyone at friv games. This level will require you to use some necessary skills such as visual ability, logical thinking and problem solving skills. Note that, the pieces of the water pipe are broken and do not follow any rules in the game. So, you should observe carefully and find a reasonable strategy in the game. In this level, the pipe will have a bow shape and your task is to arrange the blocks in this shape. Don’t forget to remove all unrelated blocks and help the iron ball reach the destination. It sounds very interesting, right? Get the victory at friv at school!

Level 5: 

Welcome to level 5 of Roll The Ball Online! Here, you will have to face many different challenges to gain the final win. Note that, some blocks contain parts of water pipes but you can’t control them because they are fixed in the game. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about them and spend your time thinking about the other blocks in the way. Especially, the game doesn’t limit the number of moves, so you can change freely the blocks until the water pipe is completed. It is not too difficult for you! Play online and download for free at friv Games for free!