Circle Online GamePlay:

This game is a chance for you to practice your observation skills and improve your reaction. The game can fit everyone's liking at Friv 4.


The graphic design of the game is one of the elements that attracts the players. This game obviously satisfies the demand of the fastidious gamers.


In this game, your main mission is to control a given circle so as to overcome a cord. Sound easy right? However, this game is not just simple like that. This cord has bent in numerous shapes. And you have to keep the circle going through it safely by tapping on it consecutively.


Apart from that, numerous diamonds have set on the way; don't miss the chance to take them. The more diamonds you can get, the more excellent player you are.


Your best achievement will be saved directly on your current device. So don't forget to access your online account and receive more useful features.


You can also buy more outlooks of the circle by combining all the required diamonds. The core key to getting more score in this game, which does not let the circle go too far with the target. It will make you bewilder and loss the control.  


This game has gamepad support, you can try it to get the more exciting moments at games online friv.


The last thing, don't forget to share this game with all your friends and together have a good time at friv best Game!


Circle Online is a racing game? Maybe! Puzzle game? Maybe! Circle Online is a perfect combination of racing and puzzle game with new gameplay.


Don’t miss any chances to explore this game with http://Friv4school2017.net now! With Circle Online, all you need is to control a circle and help it run as far as possible without touching the dangerous line on the way. One more thing, try your best to collect many diamonds and avoid losing your life in the game. Interestingly, there is a similar game that I bet that you will love to play such as Balloon FRVR at Games friv online. Have a great time!



Use the mouse to control the circle or check out Circle Online mobile!