Rock Hero Online GamePlay:

Who is the fastest in the world? It could completely be you! Explore Rock Hero Online at friv free online Games and show off your quick skill. Play or regret with Rock Hero Online?


Rock Hero Online is an interesting and attractive reaction game with the expectations of millions of players around the world at play friv Games. This is not simply an entertaining game but it is also a skill game for all ages. I think that you should not miss this game and discover more levels of emotion in life.


The quick response is one of the most important skills that most of us have to train in life. This skill helps us solve many important tasks in the shortest time. Therefore, you can accomplish many tasks and avoid wasting time. I recommend that you should play this reaction game at free Games friv and look for your own limits.


In this game at friv Games school, you will have 3 columns A, S, D on one screen. The objects will fall into these three columns unexpectedly, so your task is to press the A, S, or D button at the right time to clear them. Try not to miss any objects before they fall off the screen.


How many points can you earn? All will depend on your quick response in the game. One more thing at friv Games to play, the more points you earn, the more time you survive in the game. Keep your eyes to observe the time column on the top of the screen and earn many points before the time runs out in the match.


This game has simple graphics but the interesting gameplay, so I bet that you will be addicted to this game at first sight. Why don’t you try to play and give some comments about this fun game? Don’t forget to experience more with some related games such as UNO Online or Spinz.io at Game at friv at school.



Use your mouse to click A, S, D button in the game.

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