Make Them Fight Online GamePlay:

Make Them Fight Online is an attractive teamwork game which is very popular on friv 2017. In this game, you have to control both characters simultaneously to overcome all dangerous obstacles in the battle. Observe quickly and attack correctly against the weapon of the enemy. One more thing, if one of your two soldiers can’t overcome an obstacle, the game will end immediately. So, in the simplest way, you can invite your friend to play together and complete each level in the shortest time. Especially, more fun and more experience with (GAME) at game friv online! Click!



  • Player 1: Use the mouse to play.
  • Player 2: Use A, S to play. Check out Make Them Fight Online mobile now!

This game is a teamwork challenge at Friv 4. If you are weak in this skills or just simply want to improve this accomplishment or serve for entertainment purposes, this game is a perfect choice for you.

The core key to winning this game, controls both characters simultaneously to block all dangerous obstacles like darts in the match.

Your ability to observe will also be challenged in this game. The attack of your enemies is unpredictable, and the rivals hit just one of the players, the game will end immediately. Teamwork is an essential element in this game. Without it, the players cannot earn the best achievement at play free friv Games.

There are all four game modes in this game; they are normal, nightmare, hell and inferno mode. The range of difficulty will increase following the selections. The first choice - normal mode, 2 people will play at the same time. This level is quite easy; you even can be monolayer in it. The second choice - nightmare demand at least 2 player to control the characters simultaneously. This number of the demanding players are bigger in the third and the fourth selections. The fourth level - inferno, like its name, it really hard to control it.

Get the best point and use your collected points to have chances to use more stickman. The more points you have, the more characters whom you can own. This game will be more interesting in the joystick play mode. You can try it sometime.

Combine a group of your close friends and your family members to play this game. I'm sure that you will have a great time with this game. If you are keen on this game and looking for more similar games, go to http://friv4school2017.net/. The world of wonderful games is waiting for you to experience at friv Games 2017.