Make Me Ten GamePlay:

Make Me Ten is an attractive puzzle math game in which you not only get more and more fun but also develop your math skills in the school. Interestingly, you can play online and download for free on friv Games for kids. The principle of this game is extremely simple, you only need to match 2 numbers to make the result as specific targets in the game.


One more thing, these specific targets will be changed continuously, so you have to think carefully and choose wisely in Make Me Ten. Don’t forget to explore more with the same game such as 2048 at http://Friv4school2017.net now! Good luck!


Friv to play?

Use the mouse to interact with the computer.


Are you good at math? This game is an entertaining, exciting match for people of all ages. It’s beyond the expectation of one game and bring a good education side for the players, especially the children. Your primary mission of the game is to combine a group of numbers, which have total equal with the number has given at the right corner.


In other words, the goal is to make this number. It is a flexible number which will increase each time you finished the challenge before. Also, a load line will be shown above, that help you can grasp the process quickly. Opposite with this line is the death line. The more you get close to the end point of this line, the more incompetence to win this game. So calculate correctly and earn the best point as possible.


Here at friv 2017, a random number will be given; the other one will surround it in a circle, and your job is to match a correct number so that the total is equal to the goal's number. Here is a tip for the game: if there are no right numbers left, just match it with the smallest number you have. Remember, you can add three numbers at the same time, and the number will be added from the right side. Try your best and compete with your friends. Hope you have an enjoyable time!