Elsa Make Christmas Gift GamePlay:

Have you prepared anything to welcome a warm Christmas? Join Elsa Make Christmas Gift at friv4 and laugh happily with your family. Click Elsa Make Christmas Gift!


Christmas is one of the largest festivals in the world. At this festival, people have the opportunity to meet and talk with their family members. So, this is really a meaningful festival in everyone's heart. Are you ready to welcome a warm Christmas party with your family and friends?


Play Elsa Make Christmas Gift at friv for school and enjoy the most meaningful moments in life. In this exciting puzzle game, your task is to decorate the lovely characters in Christmas like the old snowman, reindeer, puppet or special characters. All you need is to arrange the pieces on the screen for a perfect picture of a certain character.


However, this task is not easy because you have a limited time in the game. 29 seconds is all the time for you to complete a perfect puzzle at friv game friv. In particular, there are many pictures for you to choose from on the screen.


Note that, keep your eyes to observe some small items because without them, you will not be able to make a perfect picture. Besides, I suggest that you should try to play some other attractive games as…………at friv at school and explore many wonderful moments in life.


How to play? Put the puzzle pieces by mouse navigation in the game.

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