Crazy Courier Ride GamePlay:

Hi guys! An entertaining and challenging game is waiting for you to conquer at Friv4school now. The game is called Crazy Courier Ride. Are you curious? In this fun game, you are a courier who delivers the shipment in time to your destination. But, there are so many obstacles and difficulties along the way. You and a cute kick scooter - your best friend together do the missions. Are you ready for the challenges?


The game offers 15 tricky levels that challenge your riding skill. During this fun riding game, you ride your scooter, pick up and deliver packages for those who order them. You must overcome many ramps and jump over the gap between 2 trunks of roads. However, the road isn’t smooth and easy to go. It’s dangerous and bumpy. Also, your scooter is really old. It easily explodes when knocking into something or being flipped over,so slow but sure. Don’t speed up if unnecessary. 


Each level requires you to complete a certain mission. You have 3 lives. You must collect all gems along the way to purchase a new motorbike. Jumping needs energy, so if you stay at the save point  at Friv kids, your energy will increase. If you run out of lives, you will have to start from the beginning. Unlock the next level if you finish the current one.


Attempt it and let’s see how can you conquer every level. The game has beautiful cartoon graphics, interesting gameplay will give you a great gaming experience for sure. Many exciting games are available at https://friv4school2017.net/. Come and play for free anytime. Some great choices for you are Cars: Lightning Speed



Use the left/right arrow keys to move backward/forward

Up arrow key to jump.

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