Crazy Stunt Cars GamePlay:

Crazy Stunt Cars is a place where you can win fast and furious races at Friv4school2017. This is a racing 3D game which makes differences. You jump for joy while joining racing tracks. Crazy Stunt Cars game has a wide range of awesome things to explore in friv4school 2019. Feel the maximum speed and create drifts.


Crazy Stunt Cars free game checks your driving talent. After pressing Play button, you will be a white sports car. You find yourself in a vast wasteland. Many objects are ahead. The game seems like a test drive. You will go around and challenge yourself. The game provides slides with various height, circles, rollers coaster, and all that jazz. We have 11 vehicles including sports cars, a tank-like car, and two trucks on friv4school 2019 games. Sports cars have a few colors such as white, red, dark blue, and black. Their designs are different; therefore, you can choose your favorite type. Two trucks have blue and black color. The tank-like car looks badass and is suitable for players who like military weapons. You are likely to change cars for free and don’t need to use the money to buy them.


There are many things to talk about power and configurations in friv4school 2019 player games. You have to take over max speed, max torque, max brake, gear shifting threshold, and clutch threshold. You can make a choice to own auto transmission, turbo, rev limiter, clutch margin at 1st gear, and exhaust flame. You can change headlight colors and wheel smoke colors as you want. Select behavior types including drift, simulator, racing, arcade, fun, and custom. 


It’s possible to customize your vehicle at friv4school 2019 online games. You perhaps alter wheels, handling, color, and power. When it comes to wheels, you need to focus on front camber, rear camber, front suspensions, rear suspensions, front suspensions spring force, rear suspensions spring force, front suspensions spring damp, and rear suspensions spring damp. About handling, you may have steering assistance. Apply auto steering sensitivity and counter steering. 


Don’t forget to leave remarks on our game. Rate it with 5 gold stars if you are into it. Share it with your companions and have fun. Play driving games on http://friv4school2017.net/ such as Traffic Car, Mazda Car Keys, and Truck Driver Crazy Roads 2. Have a nice day!



  • Use arrows to move and use Space to use the handbrake.
  • Use G H to change the cars and use C to change the view. 
  • Use I to use ignition and use Space to use the handbrake.
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