Battle Robot Wolf Age GamePlay:

Are you ready for a brand new adventure come to friv games world? Join Battle Robot Wolf Age, you will travel to an age when is the age of robots and besides of that, when is the age of wolf robots. You are starting the game by owning your own robot but the pieces of your robot is seperate. You should gather it and create your robot. After you complete the creation, you are going to start to fight against your enemies. Let begin the wolf robots fight!


It’s so wonderful! Battle Robot Wolf Age is now available at friv Games friv for you to play. Create your own robot and defeat all the others. Game on!


Playing with robot makes you completely excited? Here you get a chance to control your own robot and join the battles. Especially, it’s not just a robot, it’s a wolf robot. You can’t wait anymore, right? Hurry up! Play friv Games Battle Robot Wolf right now! Well, the game offers 3 tasks that you have to go through to conquer the game. They are all on the task list: Assemble, Training Hologram and Showdown.


Only when you finish a task, you can move to the next one, just do one by one! Here at friv com school, first you need to create your own robot by arranging for the parts according to the given instructions. Make sure that all systems are good before moving to the second task. In Training Hologram task, you will use available tools to set up necessary skills for your character.


When all systems are green, get your wolf ready for Showdown. Showdown is the last task, also the most eagerly awaited part of the game. It’s time for battles at Games friv online. Keep your mind to make full use of your skills and defeat your opponents. There are three different battle options in the game: Easy, Normal and Hardcore. Let’s overcome all 3 options to make a high score. Good luck! Check out at free online friv Games to join attractive battle games such as http://friv4school2017.net/



  • Use your mouse and left click