Neon Battle Tank GamePlay:

Prepare well for Neon Battle Tank as carefully as you usually do before any battle. If you are all ready, take your blue neon tank and let the battle begin. Your mission at friv kids today is to fight bravely against dangerous enemies and keep your central base safe. The central base is destroyed, which means that you lose the game. Then, sharp observation and prompt action are required when you have to shoot other tanks and avoid their continuous shots at the same time.


In addition, be careful with your own shots too because you may unknowingly destroy your base when you are too absorbed in enemies or in some negligent moments. You need to shoot down a certain number of enemy tanks to complete a specific level. As you progress in the game, you will encounter different types of tanks and it becomes more difficult to protect your base. Strengthen your power by collecting useful power-ups such as armor, speed or attack that drop frequently during the battle.


You will get 3 extra lives at the beginning of the game. After each time you are shot, you lose a life and till all the lives are used up, the game is over. Do your best to survive as long as possible and reign this battlefield like you are the champion neon tank!


Good luck and have fun! You may want to challenge other battles like Tap Neon. Check out at https://friv4school2017.net/ to discover more interesting things!


How to play?

Press WASD or Arrow keys to control the tank;

Space Bar or Left mouse button to shoot.

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